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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Perserverance of Dignity

the Zapatista communities, through dialogue with sister communities, sow the seeds of the común. The lands recuperated during the 1994 uprising have been declared “non- property” to be shared by those who are willing to work it, and respect it as the inheritance of the many generations to come. Far from a leap of faith, the declaration of lo común is a serious wager on the challenging work of building common ground —not a task for the faint of heart or of limited endurance. This is a marathon and they know it.

The Zapatistas see that the afflictions of humanity which plague Chiapas and the rest of the world, however different, are the same. They know that even those who act only in their self-interest will come up empty handed in the end. Young people in the movement see that their horizon is seven generations into the future, and that setting the course begins now. Building bridges to that which is common:  the love of our children, the need for clean air, water, and food, our kinship with the non-human and the struggle for life. That is the foundation of the road we are on...

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