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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Lessons in co-op organising from Cincinnati

“It’s almost been like a life or death situation for me,” says Rebecca Lawson. “To get it up off the ground and get it running, I know that it’s going to do a lot for our church, our community, and it’s gonna be a good blessing on us giving back. And it’s definitely made me stronger as an individual.”

Ms Lawson is a co-founder of a newly established co-operative, T-shirts and Apparel Unlimited, and a recent graduate of the Power in Numbers training programme in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Power in Numbers is a 14-week “business bootcamp” for black owned co-operatives, run by non-profit co-op incubator Co-op Cincy. The interactive course takes groups of participants through everything they will need to set up a worker-owned business, from legal structure to finance to governance.

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