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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Help Workers Save Anchor Brewing!

We are the workers of Anchor Brewery. We are brewers, production workers, managers, bartenders, and others who have come together to carry on the legacy of Anchor Brewing.

On July 12, we all received the devastating news that Sapporo intended to shut down the 127-year old business. Immediately, workers mobilized to do whatever they could to save the brewery and keep making the beer that we love.

We decided that the most qualified people to save Anchor were the people who produce it. We are Anchor: we are working class people, many of us Bay Area natives who grew up seeing our family members drink Anchor. We take an immense amount of pride in the work that we do. We are now asking for the chance to continue that work.

Workers have formed a co-op with the intention of purchasing and running the business collectively and carrying on the Anchor's legacy. We are working with organizations who specialize in worker ownership and are guiding us through this process. We need the community's help to cover our costs as we explore the possibilities of worker ownership.

Help us keep the brewery we love open. Help us keep the legacy we love alive. Any amount you are able to give will help.

Make a donation at GoFundMe


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