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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Five things we learned about the world’s top co-ops

The latest edition of the World Cooperative Monitor annual report not only details the rankings of the top 300 cooperatives and mutuals around the world, but also analyses how they promote themselves. Titled ‘Exploring the Cooperative Economy: Report 2023’, the publication is the 12th of its kind and was launched today.


The report is based on findings from the fiscal year 2021, and publishes two separate rankings of the top 300 co-operatives in the world: one is based on the turnover of each enterprise; and the other is based on turnover relative to the GDP per capita of the country where the co-op operates. The latter accounts for the size of the enterprise relative to its national context, enabling a fairer comparison for organisations operating in less economically developed countries.

Using data gathered from annual and sustainability reports, databases, research institutes and responses to a questionnaire, here’s what the report found:

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