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‘Ethical Deliveries’ launches in Bologna

A new initiative aims to show that an alternative path for food delivery is possible, that the exploitation of workers is not the only way, that nickel-and-diming is not the necessary condition to stay on the market, but that instead, it’s possible to pay riders a dignified wage and at the same time create a home delivery service that would be able to keep an entire community together.

For now, it is simply called Consegne Etiche (“Ethical Deliveries”), and it will soon be launched in Bologna. This is a project that the city’s bicycle delivery workers are working on, who have been marching in the streets of the city for some time to demand their rights. Riders Union Bologna even went to talk with Luigi Di Maio when the Five Star leader was still promising a radical solution for the problem of overexploitation in the world of deliveries. Furthermore, Bologna is a city where a supportive and cooperative network was formed over time, which began to think about the future during the lockdown.

Read the rest at il manifesto


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