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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Cooperatives: Working Toward a Common Goal

Organic Valley was established in 1988 under the name CROPP (Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool). Our founding members met during the farm crisis of the late 1980s to form a cooperative that would help provide a stable pay price to farmers by growing quality organic food. Organic Valley continues to be owned by our farmers and driven by our mission. Every single farmer-member has a vote on decisions that impact the co-op, such as animal care standards and pay prices. 


Organic Valley Executive Vice President of People Jerry McGeorge summed it up. 

“The co-op principles have always been really important to us, but autonomy has been super important since day one. Having control of your own destiny and the future is the reason we’re organized as a co-op,” he said. 

Being part of a cooperative means having a group of like-minded people behind you.

“We (my dad and I) genuinely believe in the philosophy behind cooperatives,” Corse said, adding the phrase, “many hands make light work” really embodies the cooperative. “We want to be able to farm. We want to focus on managing our animals and land that are best for the ecosystem and the environment. The more time we can focus on that and not the other aspects of running a business is amazing. We’ll leave that to our other people in our wonderful cooperative.”

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