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Canada’s government staff offered training in co-op model

Frontline employees with the government of Canada are being given training about the co-op model, with a course from non-profit organisation Co-operatives First and the Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives.

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED), the government department in charge of the knowledge-based economy, contracted Co-operatives First, in partnership with the Centre, to create the Co-ops in Canada online course.

ISED will share the course to help frontline staff better understand co-operatives, how they work, how they are different, and their impact on the Canadian economy.

“Research shows there is limited awareness of the co-op model,” said Audra Krueger, executive director of Co-operatives First. “This includes government officials and other professionals whose work may involve assisting people who want to start co-operatives.

“The goal of this training is to introduce those people to the basics of the model and its benefits, so they can help people set up co-ops.”

Read the rest at Co-operative News


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