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Bookshop Co-op aims to purchase bookmobile

When asked what the difference is between buying a book from Amazon and the Bookshop Co-op, a new venture in Stevens Point, member/owner Justin Seis said the answer is simple: everything. 

Since last year, the cooperative has been selling fiction and nonfiction books with themes on issues such as climate change, racial justice and human rights at events in Stevens Point and through their site on, a platform for local, independent bookstores to sell their items online. 

The co-op is now raising funds to buy a vehicle — a bookmobile — which will allow them to bring their books to rural communities throughout central Wisconsin that may not have bookstores.  

"One of the big things that we're trying to accomplish is about accessibility," said Seis. "Getting to people where they are."

Read the rest at Wausau Daily Herald


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