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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Worker Co-operatives: Big growth in the UK since 2008

The co-operative economy in the UK has grown 20% since the recession began in 2008.  During the same period, the number of co-ops has grown 28% and the number of memberships 36%.

"Co-operative enterprises across the UK represent a homegrown economy, one which is providing enduring solutions to the economic and social challenges of today’s society.

Founded on principles of shared ownership, shared voice and shared profits, it is an economy driven, not by the need to reward financially a few shareholders or to escape to a tax haven, but by the will to broaden control to many, and harness participation at every stage. Our homegrown, co-operative economy is independent, owned and controlled by the members within it and local, loved and trusted by all those who form part of it.
This is a tough economic climate for all enterprises, but in Bootstrap Britain, it is co-operative businesses, which are providing an option for growth, for fairness, for innovation. From food retailers and foster carers to energy providers and child-care providers, the people behind these member-owned businesses are sowing the seeds for long term strength and resilience."

Go to here for the full report.


Hat tip to Erbin Crowell.

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