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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Democratizing the Workplace

Data shared by the Center for Family Life (CFL) helps paint a portrait of worker-owners. Worker co-ops employ a group in Sunset Park that, on average, faces a number of socio-economic obstacles, risks, and hurdles. Of the worker-owners who responded to the CFL survey questions, the overwhelming majority (83%) is female. 89% percent of respondents define themselves as Hispanic, with 76% of respondents listing Spanish as their native language and 49% identifying as bilingual. A NYCgov Poverty report highlighted that those of Hispanic origin are at highest risk for poverty within the City (New York City Government Poverty Measure 2005-2015, 2017). Additionally, English-speaking deficiency is often cited as one of the largest barriers to employment for Latinos (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The Never Ending Cycle of Language Barriers). On average, respondents are first-generation, and the average worker-owner is 38 years old. 27% of respondents have some college education or more, and 18% of respondents were enrolled in an education program. Most respondents are married or with a partner (53%), have children (72%), and rent their apartment (85%).

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