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Credit Union collaboration with other co-ops provides mutual benefits

MADISON, Wis. (8/19/15)--Robert King, senior business development specialist at Salal CU, Seattle, likes to joke that Central Food Co-op was the credit union’s "beta test" in launching member business services.

The Seattle-based food co-op was among credit union’s first business services members, experiencing all the minor hiccups along the way that designation implies. But the relationship between Salal CU and Central Co-op more than weathered the little bumps and has steadily developed over the last decade.

Salal CU initially recruited members of the Central Co-op the old fashioned way; by setting up a table on its premises and promoting the credit union’s products and services. The credit union also advertised in the food co-op’s bi-monthly newsletter. Slowly but surely, Central Co-op and Salal CU identified with each other.

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