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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

6 Notes on the Economics of the Rojava Revolution

This project aims to create democracy without the state through the creation of overlapping councils and communes at various political scales to govern the territory, as well as working to abolish the police. Rojava is also (justly) famous for putting feminist politics at the core of the political project, with the quota systems for female participation in the various communes and councils being almost as well noted as women’s armed participation in the Rojava defence forces. But all of this rarely suffices for some sections of the left – the burning question is, of course, what about class and the economy? After all, it’s not really #fullcommunism without the seizure of the means of production…

Not much has been specifically written on the economics of Rojava, apart from a few reports from delegates to the region and interviews with various representatives. However, what we know so far is that the economic transformation of Rojava is as radical as the rest of the project.

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