Full Barrel uses Loomio’s decision tools for a number of day-to-day operations from voting on meeting dates to voicing their opinion on important decisions.

“It creates a space for people to practice democratic decision-making on things that are both high and low stakes.” -Matt Cropp

Nationwide, there are two jobs available in agriculture for every new job seeker. Farmers and ranchers in the Rocky Mountain West haven’t escaped the problem of securing reliable, efficient labor, and the current lack of available labor especially affects smallholder and family farms and ranches.

One-member, one-vote is a long-standing practice in co-operatives, ensuring that each member-owner-patron has an equal say in basic governance and that power is not concentrated among those that have contributed the most capital.


A Canadian company will bring seven solar farms to Central Texas in a deal that will bring juice to five electric cooperatives serving thousands of homes and businesses.

Canadians are looking for a place to call home that is affordable, attainable and sustainable. Often, we consider only two options: renting or buying. But there is another choice. Housing co-ops offer people a chance to get ahead, have control and live affordably.

One group of cooperatives that has created a well-designed initiative to scale is Brightly, a franchise of worker-owned cooperatives in New York City that offers cleaning services. Brightly is a licensed nonprofit franchise developed with support from the Center for Family Life, which is a community-based organization that has been incubating worker cooperatives for over a decade. 


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