Converting businesses like A Slice of New York to an employee-ownership model has many advantages, according to Oakland nonprofit Project Equity, which was founded three years ago to help business owners discern which kind of employee-ownership model would work best and then assist with the transition.

Are you interested in moving your money into democratic, community-controlled financial institutions that support low-income and immigrant communities? Want to get out of the banks financing Dakota Access and fossil fuels, union busting, and prisons? We can help!

57 PER CENT of SCOTS think that having a business without a CEO where decision are made collectively is a better way to run a company’s affairs.

Architect Laura Fitch describes cohousing communities as “privacy within your home and community at your doorstep.”

NCBA CLUSA hosts a panel at the National Press Club in Washington, DC Feburary 13, 2017. The Power of Cooperative Ownership in the Black Community features Jessica Gordon Nembhard, author of Collective Courage and Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic

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