With figures from the British Retail Consortium confirming that over 10% of town centre shops are empty, the party aims to enable councils to give empty high street shops to start-ups, co-operative businesses and community projects.

The ONE DC Black Workers & Wellness Center is a member-led community & wellness space in Anacostia that builds racial & economic justice through popular education, promotion of sustainable employment, & the incubation of economic alternatives.

Because its mission is to give voice to and win rights for 2.5 million domestic workers (nannies, housecleaners, and home care workers), a “vital American workforce that perform real, demanding work yet are denied basic labor rights, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, also mentioned in NPQ’s coverage of a new labor movement

We're hiring for two important positions and need your help spreading the word. Check out the job descriptions below and share them with anyone (or any groups) you think should know about them. These are both remote-friendly positions so applicants from across the United States are encouraged to apply.

The question addressed in this paper is the new role for a union or a union-like body in a democratic worker-owned company. The approach to the question was to draw on the historical experience with political democracy, particularly the English instituion of the opposition. This experience clearly points to the importance of having an institutionalized and legitimate opposition in any large democratic organization.

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WHATCOM — Modesto Hernandez walks up and down the rows of raspberry bushes, where some of the first berries of the year are nearly falling off the branch. He is showing volunteers the best ones to pick. 

“This one, and this one,” he said, tugging on the dark red berries. “These are the ripest.”

Sociocracy and cooperatives are a perfect fit - both value equality and equal voice as well as distributed ownership. Sociocracy offers a way to live those values in the way the cooperative runs itself. A way out of endless meetings, traditional hierachies and centralization of power.


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