by Cadwell Turnbull
Jul 16
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
by Fellowship for Intentional Community
Jul 13
Fabricating Open-Source Agricultural Tools
by Morgan Meyer, by Alekos Pantazis
Jul 6
by Alexis Zeigler
Jul 2

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Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
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Fabricating Open-Source Agricultural Tools
Morgan Meyer, Alekos Pantazis
July 6
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Josh Davis
June 29
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Recognizing Emergent Solidarity Economy, Part 2
Matt Noyes
May 29
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Jul 16 A group of veteran entrepreneurs launched this week, the first US-based accelerator for cooperatively owned startups. The group plans to...
Jul 16 Member-owned co-operative Modo announces that, effective July 3rd the carsharing service will now allow drivers 16+ with an ‘L’ (Learner) designation...
Jul 13 We are a worker-owned business that tells stories to celebrate our shared communities, visions, and victories. We do video, photography, graphic...
Jul 13 Full-time, entry-level position available at worker-owned, Union print shop committed to social justice.Six-month paid-apprenticeship with an...
Jul 12 As part of the #WorkerCoops project we've been collecting oral histories from individuals involved in the worker co-op movement from the 1970s-90s....
Jul 12 Amicus Solar was founded in 2011 by six independent solar companies, including employee-owned cooperative and certified B Corp Namaste Solarand...
No More Landlords (Gleaning)
Jul 11 Watch more videos from Co-operatives UK Go to the GEO front page
Earthworker Co-ops (Gleaning)
Jul 11 Earthworker is establishing a network of worker-owned cooperatives committed to sustainable enterprise throughout Australia. They believe social and...
Jul 10 Okay y’all, we’ve got a problem. Let’s get real. We are facing multiple, interconnected global dangers, rooted in the exploitation of people and...
Jul 10  The purpose of this survey is to identify youth cooperatives globally.What we call a “youth coop” is a cooperative led by and for youth. Examples...


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