A guide to cooperative living on a disability income
by Lily Silver
Sep 18
by Democracy at Work Institute, by National Young Farmers Coalition
Sep 15
Stories from Minnesota and Montana
by Pat Streeter, by Mary Lou Affleck
Sep 8
Support the Days of Action September 11-16 in Washington, DC
by Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
Sep 5

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Community Is the Best Medicine
A guide to cooperative living on a disability income
Lily Silver
September 18
How Young Farmers Are Using Cooperatives to Build Successful Farms
Democracy at Work Institute, National Young Farmers Coalition
September 15
Resident-Owned Communities
Stories from Minnesota and Montana
Pat Streeter, Mary Lou Affleck
September 8
Stop the Economic War Against Cuba!
Support the Days of Action September 11-16 in Washington, DC
Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
September 5
Cooperative Care: Empowered Caregiving
Direct Care Alliance
September 1
Cooperative Care and Waushara County
An Enduring Partnership
Kathleen McGwin
August 28
Ecovillage at Ithaca
A Community Life
Zaccharie Charvolin
August 25
Let's Get a Drink
GEO Collective
August 18
Documents are Social Actions
The Importance of Writing in a Cooperative
Avery Edenfield
August 14
Cooperative Ownership in the Tech World
Polycot Associates at EFF-Austin
Austin Tech Live
August 11
The Strength of Cooperation
A Global Cooperative Ecosystem for a Fair Economy
August 7
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Sep 20 The Great Lakes Commons has recently released their Charter Toolkit. Rooted in the Commons Charter Declaration, this toolkit can support people,...
Sep 20 Where I came from, what I was born into reminds me of what I wish to avoid passing down to succeeding generations. My motivation is in building...
Sep 20 Brendan Martin (The Working World) shares how exploring different models of ownership can have ripple effects across economies and bring humanity...
Sep 18 The unemployment rate for working-age people with disabilities in 2012 was 15%, compared with a rate of 8% for working age individuals without...
Sep 18 [full screen]Go to the GEO front page
Sep 15 Some have found that interpretation is a natural part of their political work. That was the experience of Catalina Nieto, an immigrant from Colombia...
Sep 15 “I like the idea of changing the capitalistic way of doing things now, getting our own power, funding businesses out of our own pool of resources,”...
Sep 14 The NursesCan platform cooperative, formed by five licensed vocational nurses, recently finished a pilot project providing on-demand, at-home care...
Sep 14 It's probably not a stretch to say Emmett Hutchinson could be Wirth Cooperative Grocery store's biggest booster. He brought in more than three dozen...
Sep 14 Protozoa is a worker-owner cooperative. While I’m writing this, the other co-owners, Piet and Dominic, are hard at work on different things , like...