ILO Highlights Role of Social Care Cooperatives

The Global Mapping of the Provision of Care through Cooperatives report is a joint initiative of the ILO’s Cooperatives Unit (COOP) and Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch (GED).

“One commonly identified source for future job growth in both developing and industrialized countries is the care economy, given the aging population in much of the world (...). What will it take to realize that potential?”, asks ILO General Director, Guy Ryder. “Many existing needs for care either go unmet because of financial constraints or are covered by resorting to underpaid or unpaid careers”.

In the current global scenario, the provision of care is changing, driven by demographic shifts such as the increase in the ageing population. “The number of older people is expected to exceed the number of children for the first time in 2047”, states the ILO.

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