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...we are coming to our national worker co-op conference sounding the theme that worker co-ops are the solution. My worry, however, is...
Organized by Just, Alternative, Sustainable Economics (JASEcon) in Oakland, CA, the Festival of Grassroots Economics brought people together to imagine an "economy for people and planet."
Gar Alperovitz talks about the thousands of economic innovations that are rising up to challenge "dog-eat-dog capitalism."
The Maker of "Capitalism: a Love Story" has some suggestions for action. They include, among other things, turning your workplace into a cooperative...
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by Lisa Stolarski

The Shock Doctrine is one of the most important books of our time. As a persuasive political writer, Naomi Klein is setting a new bar. Her angle is not that of the psychoanalyst, radical political economist or social philosopher, though she moves confidently through the terrain of these and all social sciences. book jacket for

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David Schweickart on the Wall Street bailout and its alternatives.
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An essay on Elmar Altvater's critiques of capitalism.
Can we have markets without the unsustainability of the capitalist format and its attendent biospheric destruction and social and psychic dislocation?
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Social theory perspective on building alternative economies
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A 5-part essay on growth, hierarchy and it's alternatives.
While empathizing with those who feel a sense of "inevitability" in the face of today's powerful capitalist economy (and disagreeing with those who see it as generally acceptable), I hold firmly to the perspective that a more just and democratic economy is both necessary and possible. And I believe that the greatest chance of increasing and assuring viability for the workplace democracy movement may rest in our ability to keep our "eyes on the prize"; that is, on the long term replacement of capitalism?an economy which socializes costs and privatizes benefits?with an economy of democratic cooperation?in which costs and benefits are democratically and equitably shared throughout society.


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