The Roots of Black Agrarianism

Owusu Bandele
Gail Myers

[Editor's note: The following is the latest backgrounder from Food First's Dismantling Racism in the Food System series. It is excerpted from a section on Black Agrarianism included in 2017’s forthcoming book Land Justice: Re-imagining Land, Food, and the Commons. GEO thanks the authors and Food First for allowing us to share their work.]

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About the author: 

Dr. Owusu Bandele is professor emeritus at the Southern University Agricultural Center and co-founder of the Southeastern African American Farmers Organic Network (SAAFON).


Dr. Gail Myers is a cultural anthropologist, community organizer, educator, and avid gardener. She founded Farms to Grow, Inc. and the Freedom Farmers Market in Oakland, CA.

Publication Date: 
Monday, August 29, 2016