Getting Technical About Cooperation

10 Democratic Tech Enterprises & How to Start Your Own
Network of American Tech Worker Cooperatives

[Editor's note: Below are the stories of 10 democratic tech enterprises, collected by the Network of American Tech Worker Cooperatives (NATWC) for a publication they released in 2009.  Although these stories and the larger report of which they form a part are now 7 years old, we thought they were worth highlighting again now, given the marked increase in interest currently being shown in tech cooperatives.  While the full report is embedded below, we have re-ordered the sections to give pride of place to the first person accounts of worker-owners, and followed them with the "how-to" section (which was co-authored by Brent Emerson and long time GEO Collective member Jim Johnson).]

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Publication Date: 
Monday, May 23, 2016