A reflection on GEO's conference blogging experiment

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Personally I am finding it very difficult to blog the conference, and I can?t imagine that it is easy for any of the folks who have volunteered to do this.  All of us are here as full time participants, which means we are going to workshops and networking our fannies off, renewing relationships, partying, and all the other stuff we do to exhaust ourselves for two or three straight days. 

For example, it?s Sunday morning and I am here at my computer at 5.20am, having just finished a post that gives my review of the Federation business meeting that happened Friday afternoon.  There are at least six posts I have planned to do.  There?s no way that will happen, nor will I write most of the several more I want to write after today?s workshops.

My reflecting at this point is saying that to do the job we would like to do would require a small team of reporters and bloggers whose primary responsibility is to cover the conference they are attending.  The Interpreters Collective suggests a way for us to think about this. They are here doing translating work for the conference so that it is bi- or multi-lingual.  So attending workshops is out of the question, but they seem to be doing some networking as well.

I would love to hear comments from the other bloggers--that is, if you have time to read this post much less comment on it.  :-)