Fred Khonje and Jamal Tekleweld of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association discuss the past, present and future of the co-op movement in Saskatchewan as Regina celebrates Co-op Week.

The National Dialogue Network (NDN) seeks to coordinate local challenging conversations into mindful national dialogue about poverty and wealth.
The Creating a Life that Counts program will bring together young leaders in the cooperative, sustainability, and social enterprise movements to develop the interpersonal skills and relationships necessary for a career in social justice and transformation.

In Brazil, 1.8 million people are employed under this alternative economic model. But is it a viable way to reduce inequality and revolutionise labour relations?

Many people are distressed by the damage for-profit land development can do to communities. Formerly inexpensive and affordable properties are "upgraded" by expensive renovations or outright replacement, "gentrifying" them.

The US Conference of Mayors adopted The Shareable Cities Resolution

Shareable is hosting a Sharing Cities Network. Learn more.

It’s incredible that worker-owned businesses have flourished in the economic rubble of Argentina where it is very difficult to conduct business at all.


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