Talking about governance problems at the Co-operative Group, our friend and fellow co-operator Sion Whellens, of worker co-operative Calverts Design & Print, said “co-operative culture eats co-operative governance for breakfast!”

Seminar with Bill Say, M.A.

Wildcat Studio, Berkeley
September 27-28

*Build community & relationship capacity
*Clarify your main goal(s) as a leader
*Gain diversity awareness
*Learn how to resolve & facilitate conflicts
*Process world and social issues using Mindell Worldwork

We received an overwhelming response to our webinar on Direct Public Offerings, DPO 101 with Jenny Kassan, CEO of Cutting Edge Capital. Thank you to all who attended.

A number of you were unable to attend the webinar, or indicated that you would like to see it again. Since we were unable to capture a recording to share with everyone, we are doing it again, LIVE!

The global movement for more democratic forms of exchange is taking off, from Greece to Kenya to San Francisco! Join Janelle Orsi and the SELC Community Currencies team on August 6th at 11:00am PST for a live online chat on the legal basics for complementary currency projects.

On August 6th, we'll discuss essential legal and policy questions such as:

Russell of Pedal People and VAWC Staff were lucky enough to be on 'Occupy The Airwaves' on WXOJ FM 103.3 this past Sunday. Most co-ops in VAWC were mentioned including Stone Soup Farm and their winter shares, Simple Diaper and Linen and their landfill saving diaper options, Collective Copies and Levellers Press, and more. We also talked about the student run co-ops at UMass, our Certificate in Co-operative Enterprise at UMass, how we co-founded Valley Co-operative Business Association, our six conversions and our Interco-operative Loan Fund.

Editor's note: Mother jones recently published this article on how craft beer enterprises are succeeding in taking market share from the behemoths in the beer industry. The cite worker co-ops as examples of this. This example supports the idea from many strategic thinkers that there are more than a few niches of opportunities out there.

"The Catalan Integrated Cooperative (CIC) began two years ago; it now has 850 members and several thousand people who participate in debates and projects.

Dominik Wind is the Co-Founder of Open State. The aim of Open State is to create alternative open source means to build and replicate sustainable society by telling a story of hope. They will be focusing on 5 aspects that are: energy, food, water, mobility & communications

See more videos from OuiShare Fest 2014


Help students provide access to transparent, local, organic, and ethical food at Temple University through a hands-on entrepreneurial project. 

Visit the Rad Dish Indiegogo page to make a contribution


Go to the GEO front page

Co-founder of Project Equity, Abell is working on a blueprint for successful co-op development in the Bay Area.

"We're doing a co-op academy to support small scale co-operative start ups and growing co-operatives. With a little extra support, business coaching, legal advice, and for co-op developers, how to do co-op development effectively, that those initiatives can be more effective."


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