There is something wholesome and nourishing about being involved with a network of like-minded woodland lovers, who driven by stubborn determination, inspiration, heartfelt ethical decisions and environmentalist beliefs, are banding together to revive local coppice industries against the odds of 21st century capitalism’s globalised markets.

When it comes to ownership, there are few better structures for keeping a community’s wealth local than a cooperative. So why is it that America’s rural electric cooperatives are tethered to dirty, old coal-fired power plants instead of local-wealth generating renewable power?

Casual labour and tired ideas = not really web-tastic

More allegations have emerged of dodgy tactics on the part of car ride app Uber and rival Lyft – this time relating to so-called "brand ambassadors".

My name is Jeff Goldhaber. I’m a 21-year, full-time employee of the Stop & Shop supermarket chain. I’m also a proud union member and shop steward with the Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW), along with my 45,000 Stop & Shop brothers and sisters.

I have my own perspective about the boycott (not strike) that the Market Basket workers have been embroiled in.

Bruce A. Dixon of the Black Agenda Report reminds us that whenever we hold an even from a discussion group or featured speaker to a bigger protest, the event is only part of the activists' objectives. The other part is the collection of names and contact information for the people who show up and are willing to share their info.

As I stared into the gloomy room all I could see were the eyes of people at the meeting, eyes that were full of hope but also reflected the hard times they had lived through in their drought-ridden land. An infinite variety of flying insects were competing for a place around the four paraffin lamps that provided light at the meeting of co-op members that night.

International Acupuncture Cooperative Opens Groundbreaking New Acupuncture School

Will Train the Next Generation of Community Acupuncture Practitioners

At the 11th annual conference of the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) held at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, STWR hosted a panel on the theme ‘Making the Shift: Towards a Global Sharing Economy’. The presentations and Q&A session can be listened to below, with further resources.

Joe Caygill and Dave Kerin are the most unlikely of collaborators: one is a conservative-voting small businessman; the other, a Marx-quoting trade unionist. Caygill has been in the manufacturing industry for 30 years; he's the owner and CEO of Everlast, a hot water tank manufacturer based in Dandenong. But before long, he won't be the boss anymore – just a worker-owner like everybody else.


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