The consumer is beginning to understand that corporate ag is not anybody’s friend. We need to see to it that we aren’t seen as “corporate ag, only smaller.”

What is the answer? We have to promote food policy that benefits the family-sized producers, not just corporate agriculture.

In France there are two cases of recuperated factories occupied by workers during the current crisis. One is the Pilpa Ice Cream Factory, which just started producing organic ice cream and yoghurt as a worker-owned and administered company after a long-lasting struggle. The other is the Fralib Tea Factory.

The Working World is a non-profit offering a new way for people to take control of their economic lives and change the heart of the working equation. We turn the financial system on its head and offer socially conscious investment to businesses and factories owned and operated democratically by workers themselves.

There are beer geeks. There are co-op geeks, too. Matt Cropp could be a hybrid.

"I geek out on co-ops," said Cropp, 27, of Burlington. He writes about credit unions and is making a video about a central Vermont electric co-op.

Co-ops are all the rage these days. Positive media coverage of co-operative organising is on an upswing. But that’s not good enough for Laura Flanders and Bryan Van Slyke.

This paper asks the question “What are the key elements to building an effective United States-based worker cooperative movement in the context of global capitalism?”


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