Cities, regions and countries worldwide are increasingly choosing to close the book on water privatisation and to “remunicipalise” services by taking back public control over water and sanitation management. In many cases, this is a response to the false promises of private operators and their failure to put the needs of communities before profit.

With the rise of the sharing economy, people are sharing cars, houses, sports equipment, clothing, toys, meals, surfboards and much more. There's an intuition among sharers that sharing is not only good for the pocketbook, it’s good for the planet. The thinking goes that sharing helps us reduce consumption and keep usable goods out of landfills.

Helfrich is co-founder of the Commons Strategies Group and of the Commons-Institut e.V., as well as co-author and editor of several books. Her most recent work is Commons. Für eine neue Politik jenseits von Markt und Staat (2012).

Washington, DC - The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) recently approved $17,250 in Howard Bowers Fund grants to support training for cooperative boards, management, and staff.  Grants were made to:

Lancaster Farm Fresh is a farmer-owned cooperative that increases access to regional markets for local organic farmers.

The Seed is a downtown worker-owned restaurant serving affordable, vegetarian and vegan fare and promoting community engagement.

[I]t’s difficult to get big bucks roaming your land if your neighbors keep shooting the deer when they are young.

American media is fond of speaking about “Russian Oligarchs” as if Russia were the only nation that allowed accumulation of such unprecedented wealth. The Yeltsin days of dis-order and collapse indeed saw the rapid rise of many fortunes and oligarchs—persons of very much wealth.

Traditional businesses use a relatively straightforward formula for evaluating success. Profit means a job well done while loss spells trouble.

In the first half of this podcast interview, Yochai Gal discusses his experience starting two IT worker co-ops; one in San Francisco and one Boston. 


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