Members of a new workers co-op popped a bottle of Fairtrade fizz to mark its registration as a company limited by guarantee. EthicalBay plans to build an online ethical marketplace, offering a co-operatively owned alternative to Amazon and eBay.

Patagonia isn’t ramping up their efforts to better compete in numbers with The North Face. In fact, according to their founder Yvon Chouinard, they’re not interested in increasing profits at all.


Vermont Computing Inc. still welcomes customers at its location on Merchants Row in Randolph and it has almost the same name, but with an important difference.

It’s now Vermont Computing Cooperative, Inc.

A Southampton recording co-operative is gaining a national presence, having signed artists in Manchester, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Brighton.

Sotones began in Southampton in 2004 as a club night promoted by brothers Rob and Dave Wade-Brown. Inspired by the musicians they were rubbing shoulders with, they wanted to document their music and take it to a wider audience.

When Carlos Perez moved from Puerto Rico to Waterbury, Conn. in April 2012, his main priority was finding good work.

Perez could barely speak English and soon found that the language barrier would be an impediment to steady employment. He cycled through a series of temp jobs, mostly in factories, punctuated by unpredictable periods of joblessness.

Mayoral Candidate Dr. Amara Enyia knows that creating a strong economy means doing more than just asking for jobs or a relocating headquarters downtown.

“We need to create more owners – especially in the neighborhoods. Ownership builds wealth and cooperative ownership is the alternative to a reliance on low-paying retail and service industry jobs,” she said. 

Do you wake up questioning corporate monopolies and wonder how to support local community? Do you like working in a small office with passionate thinkers and doers?

In the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the single most important question St. Louis faces is: “What now?”

How will we respond to this conflict that has gripped our city for the past three months? How will we change the longstanding racial and economic inequalities that fueled it? What will we do differently, going forward?


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