Why Peg City Car Co-op is Joining Forces With Housing Co-ops in Winnipeg

[O]ne Winnipeg car-sharing startup is beginning to not only improve accessibility for locals and visitors, but it's doing innovatively — with help from the city government and housing cooperatives in the area.  

"Seven years ago, a few Winnipeggers asked themselves, 'Why not car-sharing?' and started doing some feasibility studies," says Philip Mikulec, operations manager at Peg City Car Co-op, Winnipeg's only locally based car-share service provider. "Car-sharing has worked in larger Canadian cities with more dense populations and better mass transit. We figured that maybe it would work here. There's a growing number of people in town with an urban mindset, who are looking for an alternative to owning a vehicle, and who want to get out of that typical North American mindset of one person, one car."

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