Striking Charter/Spectrum Workers: The Timing’s Perfect For Our New Coop

The striking group of Charter/Spectrum workers who have introduced a plan to replace the flagging telecom king with a new worker cooperative that would better serve subscribers and workers alike, says the timing to get behind the effort couldn’t be more perfect.

On July 27, the NY Public Service Commission [PSC] rescinded its approval of Charter/Spectrum’s 2016 merger with Time-Warner Cable after determining the number two cable TV company in the nation has “no intention of providing the public benefits upon which the Commission’s earlier approval was conditioned.”

And earlier this week, 23 members of the New York City Council, led by Rafael Espinal [D-37th District] and Francisco Moya [D-21st District], called on the city to stop doing business with Charter/Spectrum in the future.

Troy Walcott, the striking Charter/Spectrum survey tech spearheading the new worker coop, called the actions being taken against the telecom  “amazing.”

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