Own the Music You Stream with Resonate

Peter Harris, a web developer, an electronic DJ and producer, he has had moments of clarity into seeing the future. In the early days of the web, he became convinced that all content would be distributed through the internet. His second moment of clarity comes with the rise of blockchain.

As both a music creator and fan, he’s always felt that the system was unfair. Control is in the hands of the corporations and labels, who sign artists and then pay a fraction of the proceeds back to the them. Streaming music has only worsened this dynamic. Peter sees the opportunity to give power and control back to the creators and their fans.


What if users could pay for streaming music knowing that the proceeds go directly to the artists? Resonate is a music streaming cooperative that allows listeners to “pay as you stream” until you own the song. It’s a totally new listening model called “stream to own.” Only pay for what you play, making a seamless transition from casual listening into becoming a dedicated fan. Resonate is a cooperative owned by the musicians, indie labels, fans and workers that build it.

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