Occupiers from Tunisia, Spain, New Zealand, Taiwan and France compare notes

The highlight of my recent trip to Europe was this conversation in the photograph above (also captured in this 360° video, and this audio recording).

The people in this photograph are participants from the Tunisian revolution in 2010, the Spanish 15M movement and the New Zealand Occupy movement in 2011, the 2014 Sunflower Movement from Taiwan, and Nuit Debout, the horizontal protest movement currently underway in France.

We were at Medialab Prado for a week-long hackathon and conference hosted by D-CENT, which I’ve written about here.

The recording is 3 hours long, so I’ve loosely transcribed it and cut it down into a couple of chapters:

  1. Nuit Debout: the French incarnation of the movement of movements
  2. Revolutionary technology from Spain to Burkina Faso to France to Taiwan
  3. How Taiwan solved the Uber problem
  4. What happens once the protestors go home?

For more of this, check out another conversation I transcribed with a Nuit Debout activist.

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