The No State Solution

In the past month, millions have taken to the streets of Spain as part of an independence movement to break with the Spanish State and form and autonomous Catalonia government. After massive police repression took place during a voting referendum, anger grew at the government crack down and it looked like the nationalist movement might become overshadowed by a broader rejection of State authority in general. In this context, anarchist groups and anarcho-syndicalist unions in Spain pushed for a general strike, while mainstream and business unions called for polite protest.

In this episode we talk about the general strike that took place in Spain earlier this month, as well as the complicated situation anarchists and anti-authoritarians find themselves in. We discuss if anarchists have a dog in the fight of secessionist movements, and how autonomous anti-capitalist politics can find a foothold in a period of rising reactionary far-Right parties. At a time when open conflict grows between Catalan and Spanish elites and there is talk of a Kurdish State being on the table, the need to articulate a non-State solution is greater than ever.

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