La’Zooz: The Decentralized Proof-of-Movement ‘Uber’ Unveiled

“It was only a matter of time before someone decided that two disruptive concepts — ride-sharing and digital currencies — were two great tastes that go great together,” said Eitan Katchka, one of over 50 La’Zooz contributors. “We use cryptocurrency technology to incentivize early adopters to create the critical mass of users needed for the ride-sharing service to work smoothly, as well as to create a truly decentralized transportation solution.”


Shay Zluf, another contributor to the project says:

“Humanity has gone to the Moon and back, but we’re still stuck in traffic. People the world over are realizing we can’t continue like this. Ridesharing businesses like Uber are a step in the right direction, but we believe in a system based on community power. . . [it] is really based on the same capitalist formula as its predecessor. La’Zooz is open-source, decentralized and community owned. . . Everyone is welcome.”

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