How to Co-op: Salaries & Reviews

Our first stab at this was a model we’d inherited from other companies we’d worked at: have salary bands which match up to the skill and experience of the current staff, match that to the available cash, and set salaries accordingly. At first, we actually started off with an approach that was even more naive – rather than salary bands, we had “levels”. To improve one’s salary beyond the usual bump provided for inflation, it was really a huge leap from “college kid” to “junior” to “intermediate” to “senior”. Under this model, we also had no real vision for future “levels” (yagni?); the most senior person on staff was the highest salary we imagined paying.

This system is very obviously broken when graphed this way, but there are a number of other little firms in Bangalore which still operate this way. The inevitable conclusion is the introduction of “Level 2.5” and other confused ideas which make a broken system even worse.

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