The Corinthian 15: Striking their Student Loans and Standing Up for Free College

group of former students from the for-profit Corinthian Colleges have gone collective —and are seeking not only to erase their student-loan debt but also to spark a larger movement seeking free higher education in the United States. The group, known as the Corinthian 15, are decrying predatory student-loan practices by declaring a “debt strike” and by so doing have taken the first-ever stance of an organized refusal to pay their federal loans.

In the case of the Corinthian 15, the students are saying that because the company lied to them about job placement rates and payment rates—actions that have already been investigated in numerous lawsuits across several states—they will not pay the federal loans they took out. In a letter to the Department of Education, they call themselves “the first generation made poor by the business of education” and claim “even beyond for-profit schools, tens of millions of students are in more debt than they can ever repay.”

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