Call for International Solidarity

From Andres Ruggeri
Dear comrades,

We are spreading this call for international solidarity, to demand for the appearance with life of Santiago Maldonado, victim of enforced disappearance operated by the Argentinian State following the repression of the Pu Lof en Resistencia de Chushamen community operated by the National Gendarmerie. We ask you to spread this call through your international contacts to demand appearance with life and help us to contrast a strong return to State terrorism in our country.

The text of the call follows. We ask for you to sign it by sending an e-mail with your support to the Facultad Abierta Documentation Centre:

Thank you


On August 1st 2017, about 100 Argentine National Gendarmerie personnel repressed a protest on route 40, in the Leleque site, north-east of Chubut, in Argentinian Patagonia, about 100 kilometres north of Esquel. The action had been put forth by the members of the "Pu Lof en Resistencia del departamento Cushamen", Mapuche community.
After evicting the protesters from the area, the Gendarmerie chased them into the fields, entering the community's territory using firearms.

During this chase Santiago Maldonado, 28 years old, who had moved only a few months ago to the nearby city of El Bolsón, en Rio Negro, disappeared.

Santiago Maldonado is not a member of the Mapuche people, he had approached the "Pu Lof en Resistencia del Departamento Cushamen" community to express his solidarity, in response to other recent repression that it had suffered.

The testimonies of who was escaping from the Gendarmerie, indicate that he was captured, beaten, and loaded onto a white truck, with this security forces' lettering on it. From this moment onwards, he has been nowhere to be found or heard of.

We hold the State and Pablo Noceti, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Interior Security and director of the repressive operation in place, responsible; we hold the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich and the President Mauricio Macri responsible for the safety and physical integrity of Santiago Maldonado. We also refuse the government's attempt to criminalize the protest and the use of repression as a means of “resolution” of social conflicts.

We are assisting a case of ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE in the context of a social protest.

Never again!

¡Nunca Más!

We demand the immediate reappearance of Santiago Maldonado, alive!


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