AORTA is Hiring New Worker-Owners

AORTA is looking to hire up to three worker-owner candidates for full time positions. (We define full time as 35 hours/week, and are committed to hiring people willing to work no less than 30 hours/week minimum.) We are only looking to hire people interested in becoming worker-owners. We are looking for potential worker-owners who are excited about committing to the cooperative for at least 5 years. We are strongly invested in our organizational points of unity (which can be found here), and would expect a new worker-owner to share those values.
While we prefer the person or persons we hire to be located in the San Francisco Bay Area, southern California, New York, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C., we are willing to consider applicants from outside of these regions. Due to the nature of our work, all members must have the ability and flexibility to work occasional odd hours, long hours, and weekend days.
We envision hiring people who would devote approximately 60% of their time to client-facing work and 40% of their time to internal business administration. Client work includes facilitation, mediation, training, and consulting. We work with other cooperatives, student groups, community organizations, and social and economic justice nonprofits as facilitators of workshops, meetings, retreats, and conflict resolution processes and consultants on organizational capacity, transformation, and development.
Being involved in internal business administration might look like joining our human resources team, growing our project management systems, or taking on finance, communications, or business development responsibilities, in addition to attending meetings and retreats and participating in democratic decision-making processes.
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