Trauma and Social Change

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I just posted a book review, Oh, Trauma! How Little We know Ye. It's a good novel about sexual trauma, but I review it from the perspective of it being very relevant to social change. Both personal and social trauma play major roles in our lives and we have very little understanding of how that works. We get significant insights into it through the novel. The author, Steve Wineman, has been an activist and mental health worker for over 30 years. He was also a victim of childhood trauma and has written a major work on trauma, power, and social change.

Its importance lies in what it’s two stories have to tell us about the nature of trauma itself, and how that relates to the very complex and little understood phenomenon of power. We can find out enough from the two interlocking stories of two women that make up the novel to realize how little we know about a major social force that hobbles and even devastates our whole society and our social change movements. Knowing what we don't know is essential to wisdom and accessing our power.

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