City of San Francisco Announces Sharing Economy Working Group

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City of San Francisco Announces Sharing Economy Working Group

Neal Gorenflo, Shareable.Net

It's an important day in the sharing economy.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee of San Franciso announced today the formation of The Sharing Economy Working Group, the first of its kind in the U.S. and perhaps in the world. The purpose of the working group, "is to take a comprehensive look at the economic benefits, innovative companies and emerging policy issues around the growing 'sharing economy'”. This could catalyze other cities to take similar action.

As one of the epicenters of the emerging sharing economy with companies like Airbnb, Taskrabbit, MeshLabs, Getaround and RelayRides calling it home, San Francisco is uniquely positioned to innovate in the policy realm. “The growing ‘sharing economy’ is leveraging technology and innovation to generate new jobs and income for San Franciscans in every neighborhood and at every income level,” said Mayor Lee. “As the birthplace of this new, more sustainable ‘sharing economy,’ San Francisco must be at the forefront of nurturing its growth, modernizing our laws, and confronting emerging policy issues and concerns.”

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