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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Worker Control as a Solution to Covid-19

Have you been laid off or furloughed because of Covid-19? Are you worried your business will close and you won’t have a job to return to? Are you angry at the way you’ve been treated by your employer during this crisis? In this teach-in, cooperative conversions attorney Jay Cumberland discusses the basics of organizing with your co-workers to buy your business together. He talks about how you might be able to afford this with little cash on hand. He talks about the history that has shaped the law surrounding worker control. This history leaves workers unprotected by law when advocating for changes in ownership and control. Jay shares a strategy for navigating this lack of legal protection to put your group in the best position to buy your business with the least risk. He also briefly discusses how solidarity between the employed and unemployed in this time will yield the greatest strategic advantage for changes in ownership and control.

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