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A PROPOSAL: Let GEO Be the USFDW'S Print Newsletter

We in the Grassroots Economic Organizing news letter are now ready to come out: we would like to be the newsletter of the U.S. Federation of Democratic Workplaces that, hopefully, will be founded May 24-26 in Minneapolis!

Up to this historic meeting, GEO will have been the ONLY national organization devoted exclusively to democratic workplaces. GEO has assisted our movement in becoming conscious of itself. We've done this by bringing isolated worker co-ops news and resources, a cooperative forum, a website, and our inter-cooperative organizing capacity. Since 1991 GEO's seasoned 10-person editorial/activist collective, using the national directory GEO developed, has fostered networks of worker co-ops, the Eastern regional meeting, and now the national meeting. GEO also has connected our movement with the world body of worker co-ops and with other movements outside the U.S.

We want to continue serving our movement and there's no need to re-invent the wheel. We therefore propose forging a partnership between the planned federation and GEO that would preserve a section of each newsletter for the federation's disposal for news, forum discussions, announcements, and membership information. Member co-ops would get copies, and if folks ask about our movement, we can hand them the most recent update with how-to-join info for supporters.

After Minneapolis, committees might work out details of separate editorial control, finances, distribution, and the like. But this means we must agree on basic guidelines at Minneapolis. Before and at Minneapolis we hope for the widest possible open discussion, debate, and refinement of this proposal among participants in the founding. We also hope for action on it at the business meeting. We want to be YOUR newsletter! Please take a moment to join in this discussion and decision. The dialogue can proceed on the usworker.org website discussion board at www.usworkercoop.org/forum.

Check out GEO and back issues at our website www.geo.coop or let us know if you'd like some sample GEOs by mail for your co-op. Email us at editors@geo.coop.

We hope to be talking with you online and in person soon!

In cooperation,

—The GEO Editorial Collective

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