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This issue of GEO features exciting examples of economic democracy in Latin America: factory occupations in Argentina, barter clubs in Brazil, and Mujeres Productoras, a women’s cooperative in Mexico – complemented by the fair trade movement in the U. S. These movements and projects respond to the collapse of the neo-liberal economy in Argentina, and the structural violence of extremes of wealth and poverty in Brazil and Mexico. It is striking how extensive, integrated, and politically self-conscious these “solidarity economy” movements are – and how they are linked to and fostered by the World Social Forums. Heloise Primavera writes of “paths full of promise” to a better possible world.

Special Section on U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops

The U. S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives links individual cooperatives, supporting its member workplaces, and advancing the cooperative vision of alternative economics. In GEO’s ongoing reporting of Federation activities and ideas, this issue features articles by Ethan Miller and Ajamu Nangwaya.

On the struggle against neo-liberal globalization, we present three perspectives on global and local boycott campaigns. Arundathi Roy targets multinational corporations implicated in the Iraq war. Minimal month calls for reducing consumption altogether. Betsy Bowman goes beyond the boycott, explaining where to buy to support both economic and ecological democracy.

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