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Canada Funds CO-OP Sector Iniatiative
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The Canadian government has announced funding of $968,000 to support the growth and development of agricultural co-operatives. The project, initiated by the Canadian cooperative federations CCA and CCC, will begin this April. It will look at developing supports and tools to ensure the success of agriculture co-ops. Three priority areas will be:

  1. Developing tools to assist co-operatives in growing their equity and identifying solutions to the capitalisation challenge faced by co-ops.
  2. Developing governance and leadership materials and seminars for directors and managers that will focus on business strategies that exploit the competitive advantage of co-operation.
  3. Supporting the development of promotion, information, and resources to increase awareness of the advantages and benefits of the co-operative model among extension and agricultural professionals.
This project builds on the results of an 18-month CCA/CCC research and consultation process to help shape the future for co-operatives in Canada's new agriculture economy. Key findings that emerged :
  • Co-operatives are capable of thriving in the new agriculture economy;
  • Success lies in capturing the competitive advantage of co-operation;
  • Co-operatives have particular significance in the 21st Century; and
  • The future calls for inter-cooperation and development support.
For more information, see the CCA web site www.coopcca.com , or contact Brenda Heald, Canadian Co-operative Association Phone: 613-238-6711 x 211 Email: Brenda@coopcca.com

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