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U.S. Regional Worker Coop Networks


A number of networks and alliances supporting worker cooperatives―many of which have strong ties to the U.S. Federation―are triving across the country. Some of them, such as NO BAWC (pronounced "No Boss") have particularly creative acronyms. The networks include:


The Eastern Conference on Workplace Democracy (ECWD). Eastern states.


Federation of Workplace Democracies - Minnesota (FWD-MN). Pronounced "Forward Minnesota."


Portland Area Worker Cooperatives (PAWC). Pronounced "Posse." Portland, OR.


Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NO BAWC). "No Boss." San Francisco Bay Area.


Boston Worker Cooperatives Network (WORC-N). Pronounced "Workin'." Boston, MA.

For info, email:


Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives (VAWC). Pioneer Valley, MA.


South Sound Cooperatives (Puget Sound, WA)



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