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Eastern Conference on Workplace Democracy:
2006-07 Board Members


Lynn Benander (Cooperative Life)

Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo (Grassroots Economic Organizing and eastern representative to the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives )

Jessica Gordon Nembhard (Grassroots Economic Organizing, University of Maryland)

Charles Uchu Strader (Gaia Host Collective)

Noemi Giszpenc

Sue Bob (Community Builders)

Terry Daniels (Long Island Home Builders)

Aaron Dawson (Equal Exchange)

Doug Woodhouse (Little Grill Collective)

Adam Trott (Collective Copies)



Dan Bell (Ohio Employee Ownership Center)

Chris Clamp (Southern New Hampshire University)

Richard Dines (National Cooperative Bank)


Facilitators of Eastern Coordinating Council

Charles Uchu Strader

Sue Bob



Jessica Gordon Nembhard



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