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Healthy Food For Everyone!
Building a Cooperative Community Food System in West Oakland

By People's Grocery (from


People's Grocery is a community-based organization in West Oakland that develops creative solutions to the health, environmental and economic challenges our community faces every day.


The number one cause of death in West Oakland is not violence, but heart disease - accounting for 29% of all deaths from 1996-1998 (Source: Alameda County Public Health Department of Vital Statistics).


We want to change the way the food system works. Our mission is to develop a self-reliant, socially just and sustainable food system in West Oakland through community-based, youth-focused and innovative social enterprises, urban agricultural projects, educational programs and public policy initiatives that foster healthy, equitable and ecological community development.

We believe everyone deserves healthy food, regardless of income. In our view, it's about "food justice" - the human right to healthy food for everyone.


We have found that when you give people access to healthy and affordable food, you also begin address problems like obesity and diet-related diseases, which are at epidemic levels in communities like West Oakland. We think: why stop at improving the physical health of the community? So we also provide nutrition education, create sorely-needed jobs, develop local cooperative businesses and help young people become entrepreneurs and leaders.


In the short term, our residents need healthier foods, stable employment, job training and meaningful educational opportunities. However, our vision is much larger than that. We are building an independent food system and a local economy grounded in community partnerships and a local knowledge-base. We want to give people the tools to control their own food supply and help our community to become more self-reliant.


Our activities include:


Educating residents about sustainable agriculture, heath/nutrition, and food justice

Providing employment, entrepreneurial business training and life skills for youth

Developing food-related enterprises and small businesses

Developing methods of low-cost food distribution and marketing

Supporting local family farms, organic farms and farmers of color

Strengthening the ability to produce food locally through urban agriculture

Advocating for policy changes at the governmental and institutional level


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