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Co-operatives Provide an Alternative to New Orleans’ Suffering

“In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, two Canadian activists, Greg O’Neill and Hazel Corcoran, have released a lively, funky original song called, “Sea of Trouble.” Proceeds from selling their CD will go to erecting the rainbow of the co-operative economic model over the wreckage the hurricane left behind.   
“The rainbow has been the symbol of Co-operatives since 1925,” said Corcoran. A native New Orleanian who has lived in Calgary since 1992, Corcoran is married to musician Greg O’Neill. They co-wrote “Sea of Trouble”, and are part of a group of Co-operative activists who call themselves the Big Idea. Money earned from the song will be used for the promotion of the Co-operative model of development, starting with the rebuilding of New Orleans.   
The Co-operative model builds community and thus protects people who would otherwise be marginalized, said Corcoran. “Co-operatives present a real alternative to the failure of the current system,” she said. “They provide a powerful Third Way for economic development, an alternative to both public administration and liberal capitalism, and one which can empower marginalized people and get us all working together.” 
More information about the couple’s new non-profit organization is available on their web site,  For more information contact: Greg O'Neill (867) 766-2975 or Hazel Corcoran, (403) 249-3065. The song, Sea of Trouble, is available on the web site or (with a Windows computer), follow this link to an MP3 version of Sea of Trouble


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