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Call for Papers: Mapping Co-operative Studies in the New Millennium, A Conference at the Univ. of Victoria, BC, Canada

The British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies invites proposals for papers for a conference exploring the nature and possibilities of Co-operative Studies to be held at the University of Victoria, 28 -31 May 2003. This is an international conference...It will follow a Youth Congress (24 - 27 May 2003) that will examine how young people view co-operatives today, reports of their findings being brought forward for discussion at this conference. Deadline for proposals: October 31, 2002.

The conference will consider the state of research into the roles of co-operatives, past and present; the nature of co-operative movements, historical and contemporary; and the nature of co-operative thought, traditional and innovative. We invite papers considering the special characteristics of research within Co-operative Studies: the nature of the field, especially in relation to established and new forms of disciplinary and interdisciplinary enquiry;... the development of teaching about the movement; and the ways in which Co-operative Studies can be advanced within the academy and co-operative movements. We also invite proposals on other themes you think should be considered in reaching a better understanding of the field of Co-operative Studies.

In addition, we welcome proposals on the following topics addressing the theme “Co-operatives Confront the Future.” We hope considering this theme will provide opportunities to expand discussion of perspectives raised at the Youth Congress and to address further issues central to the field of Co-operative Studies:

1) Globalisation and co-operatives;
2) The impact of technologies on co-operatives;
3) Governance of co-operative;
4) Co-operatives and food security;
5) Co-operatives and social cohesion;
6) Auditing co-operatives;
7) Studies of specific types of co-operatives (e.g., health, tourism, funeral co-operatives)

In keeping with the customs of Co-operative Studies conferences, we will be pleased to consider papers on other subjects, space permitting. For further information on the conference, consult the BCICS web site: (http://web.uvic.ca/bcics) or
contact Ian MacPherson,
Director, British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies,
University of Victoria,PO Box 3060 STN CSC,
Victoria, British Columbia,
Canada, V8W 3R4,
Telephone: 1-250-472-4539, Fax: 1-250-472-4541,
e-mail: cluny@uvvm.uvic.ca;
Please submit proposals to the conference e-mail address: mapcs@uvic.

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