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Cloud-Based Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

Confessions of a Non-Profit IT Director - May 19, 2018 - 10:50am

Despite the innumerable proven benefits associated with cloud technology, there are too many auto repair companies who insist on using outdated and inefficient modes of technology. If you want to take your garage to the next level, you are going to have to adapt. Tekmetricauto repair software operates on cloud, here are some of the main advantages.

You Can Work Anywhere

Have you ever left your office that’s an hours drive from your home, and then realized that you had forgot to do something on the computer? With cloud, you can log on anywhere there is an internet connection. There are multiple problems that arise when using one computer system that has the software installed on it. Firstly, if the system crashes, you have basically lost all information until it can be restored again. Second, you are bound to one location, desktops are not easy to move from one room to the next, and neither can you take it home or to the café if you fancy working there.

So, instead of having to stay in the office until all hours of the night, you can go home and log on to the auto repair software on your laptop and do your work in comfort.

Increased Reliability

Hard drives are eventually going to fail, there is no way of getting around this fact. If you are lucky and the failure is not that serious, there is a chance that you canretrieve the information. But a bad failure, means that you have lost important data and you won’t be able to get it back unless you have backed it up on an external hard drive.Such a catastrophic event can be detrimental to your business. One of the many great features of the auto repair software is that it performs multiple backups across all servers, so you will never have to worry about losing information.

Better Security

One of the main obstacles that prevent companies from switching to cloud is security. The assumption is that because of the name “cloud” their information is just floating out in cyber space, providing criminals with easy access. The full-time job of a cloud host is to monitor security. This is a lot more efficient than using security software which generally isn’t the most reliable, or a company will have an in-house IT team who has to deal with a broad spectrum of issues as well as security. A team that is not solely focused on security makes a company even more susceptible to security breaches.

If you want to try out the auto repair software by Tekmetric, you can do so free of charge for the remainder of 2018. There is no contract to sign and neither will you have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide it’s not for you at the end of the year. You will have full access to all features of the software as if you were a paying customer. Try before you buy is always the best option when it comes to software for your company.

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What Happened After 17 Employees Took Over A Beloved Maine Business

It's Our Economy - May 18, 2018 - 11:00am
ROCKLAND, Maine — For the last two months, patrons of Rock City Coffee might not have noticed any changes when they stopped at the busy downtown cafe for their regular order. That’s exactly what the new owners — the people behind the counter — want. Two months ago, Rock City Coffee, a cafe and coffee roastery, became a worker-owned cooperative, with employees buying the business from its previous owner and founder, Susanne Ward. For Ward, selling the business to her employees was a reward to people who worked for her and a way to ensure that what she and her husband began 26 years ago would live on true to character. For the employees, the opportunity allowed them a path to business ownership and to keep Rock City as the place where they love to work.
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These community groups are transforming Rio de Janeiro into a Sharing City

Shareable - Commons - May 17, 2018 - 3:09pm

Rio de Janeiro is a city of extremes. Inequality is rampant, and while a small elite enjoy the "luxury" of housing, high quality education, and concentrated public funding, the majority of its citizens share the rest. The best examples of sharing are born not out of excess but from scarcity and collective problem solving. How do you build a house without money? How can you study if you can't afford to pay for a bus to class? How can a farmer survive with no land? How can people without access to resources reasonably start up a working business?

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Share Japan: Letter from Shareable's Neal Gorenflo and ShareNL's Pieter van de Glind

Shareable - Commons - May 16, 2018 - 11:22am

Last November, I joined an international delegation to speak at the Sharing Economy Association of Japan's (SEAJ) annual Share Summit in Tokyo and explore sharing in Japan. Thanks to the incredible hospitality of SEAJ (which I advise), it was one of the most rewarding learning experiences of my life. In the following photo essay, Pieter van de Glind of ShareNL and I share just some of the highlights of our experience in pictures. Why do this together?

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Taking Steps Toward Public Options For Banking

It's Our Economy - May 15, 2018 - 12:00pm
It’s been an interesting few weeks for the idea of public banking — establishing banks owned by government entities as a values-based alternative to ‘Wall Street’ banks. In San Francisco, where the city has charged a task force with exploring how to set up a city-owned bank, that task force is now looking into how the cannabis industry might provide a key source of deposits and clients that could help get a public bank off to a running start. California’s legal cannabis industry is forecast to grow from $2.8 billion in 2017 to $5.6 billion in 2020, but banks are loathe to deal with the industry for fear of violating federal rules that classify marijuana the same category as heroin — the result being a cannabis industry run mostly on cash. San Francisco’s Municipal Bank Feasibility Task Force thinks a municipal bank might provide the industry an option for banking services.
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The Criminalization Of Poverty And What To Do About It

It's Our Economy - May 15, 2018 - 11:00am
In August 2016, the United States Department of Justice issued a report following its investigation into the policies and practices of the Baltimore Police Department. The report was in response to the 2015 police-involved death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray and the subsequent unrest that gripped the city. During that historic week in April 2015, the world watched as Baltimore residents took to the streets to call for an end to police brutality and demand reforms in police accountability. In response to the death of Freddie Gray, what surfaced was communal anger and frustration at a dynamic that has plagued Baltimore communities for decades: an overreliance on incarceration and a divestment in economic opportunities. Given growing national attention and local concern around the impact of incarceration on working families, the Job Opportunities Task Force sought to define and determine the extent to which the criminalization of poverty is occurring in Maryland. Indeed, the August 2016 United States Department of Justice report on the Baltimore Police Department created a greater sense of urgency around issues of poverty, race and criminal records.
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Philly Neighborhood Achieves Inclusive Development And Control Through Community Land Trust

It's Our Economy - May 15, 2018 - 10:00am
In Philadelphia, the Community Justice Land Trust is helping preserve a community in the face of rising land values and speculation in the city’s Eastern North section, near Temple University, reports Patrick Sisson in Curbed. Sisson notes that a decade ago, the area, “near Temple University and largely lower income and [Latinx], was beginning to feel the influence of nearby developments, loft-to-condo conversions that had been a harbinger of rising rents and displacement in similar neighborhoods.” The formation of a community land trust has helped provide long-term permanently affordable housing for residents while also allowing for long-term community planning of development.
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