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Victory! Boston Challenges Corporate Control Of Our Food System

It's Our Economy - 1 hour 22 min ago
Boston has taken a critical step forward to rebuild our broken food system and advance food justice across the city. On March 20, the city became the first on the East Coast to adopt a city-wide Good Food Purchasing Policy (GFPP) — a groundbreaking policy that helps build an equitable, local, sustainable food system. The policy directs the city to purchase food that meets robust labor, health, and environmental standards. This includes Boston Public Schools (BPS), one of the largest purchasers of food in the city — meaning that 56,000 schoolchildren in Boston will have healthier, more nutritious food available to them at school each day.
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Bring Back Eisenhower Socialism

It's Our Economy - March 21, 2019 - 3:00pm
Anytime a politician proposes a wildly popular idea that helps ordinary people, a few grumpy conservatives will call them “socialists.” Propose to reduce college debt, help sick families, or ensure the super-rich pay their fair share of taxes — suddenly you’re a walking red nightmare. Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart is so alarmed he’s convened an “Anti-Socialism Caucus” to ward off “the primitive appeal of socialism” that will “infect our institutions.”
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3 Practices to Follow When Modernizing the Legacy Applications

Confessions of a Non-Profit IT Director - March 20, 2019 - 6:40am

Legacy applications are the mere backbone of the important part of the modern companies. However, they need a lot of maintenance and financial investments to keep them up and running. When it comes to the requirements, it is daunting to keep it running without investing time and money into its maintenance. Despite this, these legacy apps cannot be just left alone. These apps help in gauging the performance of the business operations. If there is a case where a company wants to progress by staying up to date with the technology and still relies on the legacy apps to advance in the technology department, this is why legacy apps must be maintained at all costs. After all, application modernization by the means of Fresche can only help in accelerating their processing powers, reducing their costs and maximizing their productivity.

  • Break the application to garner all possible efficiency

Break down and segregate the legacy app ranging from the networking requirement to the overall build to the storage configurations and its appearance on a virtual platform. Segregating the software into separate individual parts will ease the recreation of the new model within containers but this approach is deemed more feasible when executed on a larger scale.

  • Segregate the apps from the infrastructure

If the legacy apps are dependent on the infrastructure of the company, then you may need to work on everything piece by piece before you shift to a new platform. Inspect the code feasibility and the platforms it is being operated on. While separation, the gist is to prevent making any radical alterations, so that everything can be picked and shifted when the time arrives. By making the most of this procedure, you can make the most of the storage containers, cloud environments and various storage options available to shift to a platform which provides security, price, as well performance under one bundle.

  • The decommissioning costs

When you segregate the legacy apps in various parts, catalog every part with the cost which can replace this. Many features are easy to execute and many turn out to be affordable. Simultaneously, other parts will be hard to accomplish and might need a huge investment to shift from one platform to another. When you have a defined and fixed idea on the costs, the immediate needs, developers can pick and select the parts needed and the combinations which need to be replaced.

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Berkeley Sets The Bar For Municipal Support Of Worker Cooperatives

It's Our Economy - March 18, 2019 - 12:00pm
Berkeley, CA –  Last month, Berkeley City Council unanimously adopted a set of recommendations provided by the Sustainable Economies Law Center (Law Center) and a coalition of worker coop members and advocates. In doing so, Berkeley became a national leader in supporting worker cooperative businesses. “Berkeley is among the first US cities to earmark funding specifically to help local businesses convert to democratic worker ownership,” says Sara Stephens, Staff Attorney at the Law Center.
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A Four-Day Working Week Is Within Our Grasp

It's Our Economy - March 18, 2019 - 12:00pm
Whenever the government fumbles around desperately for the story they can sell as success, they often reach for the following statistic: that since the Conservatives took power in 2010, unemployment has dropped, and more people than ever are in work. But this simple story conceals a much more worrying truth – that work simply doesn’t guarantee a decent standard of living any more. Official statistics gloss over the effects of semi-employment, self-employment, self-unemployment, zero-hours contracts and a shrinking in real wages, leaving four million people in in-work poverty.
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Citizen Currencies Strengthen Agricultural Supply Chains

It's Our Economy - March 18, 2019 - 12:00pm
This is the third issue of the series we started in October, on the theme of “local currencies”, after a general presentation of the advantages and challenges of local currencies through the example of the Leman currency (October 2018) and the avenues for collaboration and synergies between local currencies and sustainable food (December 2018), we propose today to reflect in terms of production/supply chains, for different types of agricultural products, and starting once again from the Geneva experience: from seed to production, from production to processing, from processing to distribution, from distribution to consumption.
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The Global Economy Is A Time Bomb Waiting To Explode

It's Our Economy - March 18, 2019 - 11:00am
In the aftermath of the greatest financial calamity since the Great Depression, then–chief of staff for the Obama administration Rahm Emanuel made the call for aggressive action to prevent a recurrence of the meltdown of 2008. Although the U.S. government’s system of checks and balances typically produces incremental reform, Emanuel suggested that during times of financial upheaval, the traditional levers of powers are often scrambled, thereby creating unique conditions whereby legislators could be pushed in the direction of more radical reform.
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Rigged College Admissions: One Aspect Of Rampant Social Inequity

It's Our Economy - March 17, 2019 - 6:00am
The children of working stiffs learned a brutal lesson this week as federal prosecutors criminally charged rich people with buying admission to elite universities for their less-than-stellar children. The lesson is that no matter how hard you work, no matter how smart or talented you are, a dumb, lazy rich kid is going to beat you. It’s crucial that everyone who is not a wealthy movie star, hedge fund executive, or corporate CEO—that is, 99 percent of all Americans—sees this college admissions scandal for what it really is: a microcosm of the larger, corrupt system that works against working people, squashing their chances for advancement.
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Addressing The Features Related To Yeastar S20 PBX And More

Confessions of a Non-Profit IT Director - March 16, 2019 - 6:47am

The next time you are eyeing for the right option under S series of the IP PBX system, you are cordially invited to catch up with the yeastar s20 pbx for a change. This service is here to offer you with 10 concurrent phone calls and 20 lines. This construction is here to utilize the latest forms of modern technology along with some other options, which will be delivering excellent price savings. It will also focus at efficiency and also some of the best ever effectiveness improvements. This source is able to offer high quality services with promising satisfaction at its best.

Detailed description as asked for:

This PBX is noted to be a VoIP PBX appliance, which comes with software and hardware solutions to help businesses manage phone based operations. This is a little device, which is here to offer multitude of the favorable features, which will include fax to emails, voicemail to the emails, auto clip and queues to record some of the phone calls, otherwise capturing every detail possible. It is a standalone based telephone system, known to supply incomparable series of features to some of the smaller businesses when compared to around 20 individuals.

Other option under IP PBX:

Another interesting option under IP PBX happens to be yeastar s50 pbx,which is primarily manufactured with the average and smaller sized businesses in mind. It helps in supporting around 50 individuals and also helps in developing some of the latest and modernized technologies at its best. This S Series is known to supply some of the exceptional cost saving options with efficiency and also improvements in the performance. It can further help in delivering power, assurance and quality at its best for sure. So, without wasting time, you better catch up with these options now and surely enjoy.

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